New Video Release ‘Baby gets Down’ by Screamin’ Rebel Angels

Screamin’ Rebel Angels are a Rock ‘n Roll force of nature hailing from Brooklyn, NY, fronted by the dynamic soul-shouting, blues beltin’, sweet purring of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Laura Rebel Angel, paired with the blistering, stratospheric lead guitar of Brian “Bobo” Hack. Their head-turning, jaw-dropping performances are untamed adventures that invoke the primitive energy of early Rock ‘n Roll and Rockabilly, and emotion of 1950s Rhythm & Blues and Soul.
Those new to the band are stunned by the power and energy of the group, as if witnessing the resurrection of rock and roll, stirring within them the raw, primitive passions which first electrified audiences at the genre’s inception. They are a force that has been igniting a musical blaze around the worldwide roots rock ‘n roll scene, and gaining a momentum that is cementing their unmistakable sound and authenticity -which is pure Rock ‘n Roll Revival.

Screamin’ Rebel Angels released their first EP, Pounce Like A Tiger, a short 7 weeks after forming the band. The EP garnered almost instantaneous radio airplay around the world and boldly announced their arrival upon the scene. Followed up in 2012 by the release of their independent music video for “Right To Wrong,” and single release of the Gino Washington Classic, “Out Of This World.” After touring both US coasts and Northern Europe—where they even played a men’s prison in Belgium—Screamin’ Rebel Angels debuted their first full-length album, Hitch Hike, released in June 2013, followed shortly by their music video “Sizzle”. Hitch Hike has maintained a steadily increasing spot on the top 10 UK Psychobilly Charts the release of their album,peaking at #1. They have also been featured in print on the cover of UK Rock ‘n Roll (August 2013) and a featured in Rockabilly Deluxe Magazine (Issue #6, December 2013). They have also performed on Cable TV for the Bill Tush Holiday Special, (December 2013). Raw Travel Season 2, (2014-2015 Worldwide Syndication).

Official Music Video “Right To Wrong” 2012
Official Music Video “Sizzle” 2013