Grease Inc. #123 Released

’58 Apache Ride Featured and Shot by: C. Jordan Photography

Happy Holidays to all of you. May this season bring nothing but good cheer to you and your families. This year, the crew of Grease Inc. and Garage71 are going through quite a bit of growing pains and new chapters in life. Even as the holidays approach, we are trying to close out the year with one of the biggest moves we have made in nearly a decade. We are moving the studios of Garage71 to what we are calling “Hell’s Kitchen” this fall.

Garage71 studio will now be under the roof of a 1960’s styled diner on-site of Hellbender Harley-Davidson in Marietta, GA. The diner was once a functioning diner that the legendary owner, Earl Small, bought and transported to the property several years ago. Since then, the diner has enjoyed several new tenants of Earl Smalls, now celebrating 6 years as Hellbender Harley-Davidson. This fall, the crew has been cleaning out the diner with the assistance from so many great staff at the dealership. Now, the crew is putting the final stages and updates into the diner including updates to the radio station, and a new interview area to be use for both radio and ‘Dashboard Confessional’ videos. We will be creating a small retail center for all of our merchandise and will be opening BLACK FRIDAY for some great deals as we get ready for this new home.

Blackfoot performing at Hellbender Harley-Davidson’s Anniversary

We will be working with the dealership on creating the Garage71 ‘sound stage’ at the bottom of the hill transforming how we have laid out events in the past on-site. Here you will get to experience some joint events throughout the 2020 season as we bring back to the Atlanta area, Hell on Wheels. This is just one of many great events that we are working on for the property, not to mention all the other great shows we will be working on throughout the southeast and mid-west. You’ll just have to keep up with all we are doing on social media.

Now, getting back to the holidays, we are teaming up with Hellbender and the Bearded Sinners on gathering some special gifts for many of those in need this holiday season. We are generating a list of items that will be listed on-line. We are working to make this Christmas special for several children at 7 Bridges to Recovery and their families. Many of us go through various life struggles, and no one should ever judge another. Here we are focused on ensuring we lift those who may need a little more this holiday season. At the Garage71 studio in Marietta, we will have a donation old skool mailbox outside our doors to drop the many items that will be listed on-line. We will be working together to collect several items for the children, as NO child should ever go without Christmas. Make sure to look on-line for more details as we will begin to collect these items during the Thanksgiving holidays.

Don’t forget, this is that time of year we are working on your influence for the Ink n Oil Awards. You can go on-line to and read the post to enter your nominations for this past year’s Kustom Kulture influencers who you think deserve recognition and acknowledgements for all they do. This is nothing pretentious, just our way to shout out to those that reached milestones in their pursuits within the Kustom Kulture.

Make sure you plan your New Years celebrations now with us at Grease Inc & Garage71 at Famous Joe’s with good friends of Slim and the Gems and Roxie Roz Burlesque. This is gonna be a night to remember, or forget depending on how the night goes! As we head into 2020, just remember, nearly 100 years ago, it was the times of prohibition. Though I am one to celebrate the past, I could clearly see what side of the law I would be on in these times in the 1920’s. Well, that said, we don’t have much to worry about other than having a great time with good friends… Plan your night with us and hang out as we roll into the new year, Greaser style… Check out all the details on-line and we will see you there!

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

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Cover Model: Ms. Rebecca Paige Cover Photo and Rag Doll Feature by: Jimmy Tee Photography