Mayhayley’s Grave scheduled to play Timms Harley-Davidson

So, the delayed kick-off of Bike Nights at Timms Harley-Davidson has played a positive role for many riders through the southeast. The first bike night was originally scheduled for April, but actually began in June with Willie Heath Neal on-stage.

As we continue to roll into the late summer months, Mayhayley’s Grave is scheduled to play at Timms Harley-Davidson, August 6th. The night is hosted by Garage71’s “Big Boy” beginning at 6pm, EDT.

With a name borrowed from a local historic mystical legend, Carrollton, Georgia’s Mayhayley’s Grave brings you Southern Gothic Swing with a rockin’ ragtime sound, peppered with Post-punk Gypsy passion. This eclectic big band ensemble brings original and danceable songs that are a perfect soundtrack for any event.

Let loose, shake and shimmy, and maybe even raise the dead! Time to Dance around in yer Bones!

“We figure with all the COVID dynamics taking place, that we all needed a dose of some good ole’ voodoo hoodoo throwdown.”

Brian “Big Boy” Whitcomb of Garage71

Amanda Mayhayley Lancaster was both feared and revered in the late 1800’s early 1900’s. The Oracle of the Ages, as she was known, told fortunes, foretold misfortunes,found lost fortunes, and even conjured up a body or two.Widely thought of as a very powerful witch, her final resting place at Caney Head is treated with suspicious caution, as many strange things have happened there.

MAYHAYLEY’S GRAVE is a merry band of miscreants who bring a rockin’ ragtime sound peppered with Gypsy Swamp. This soundtrack of southern sin, hard livin’, vigilante justice, and a touch of VooDoo is dark and dance-able!

Mayhayley's Grave to play Timms Harley-Davidson with Garage71

The entertainment for tonight kicks off around 6PM as Grease Inc. and Garage71 bring us another evening of pure entertainment from the Kustom Kulture lifestyle.