Grease Inc.’s Issue #121 is released!

Is Spring here? Is it? How funny how so many of us forget how insane the weather of February and March can be, myself included. I am a person that for one needs sunshine to function. I may be considered by many as a person that prefers the later hours, however, clear skies and warmth on my face is included in that descriptive. Though, rain may be the source of life, can we please regulate it a little better? I mean come on here. We have the “power” according to some to predict the future of mankind, but we can’t ensure everyone enjoys the moderate temperatures, like California. I mean come on…

All kidding aside, slowly winter exits, with the future of warmer weather right around the corner. As we do begin to warm up, the tempo begins to pick up and we all come out of winter hiding. Slowly, you see the leaks of announced festivals, races, shows, and events spread throughout, but there is something missing this year… Do you see it? Have you been noticing the changes? Well, if you haven’t noticed it, then you are gonna miss out. What I am talking about is where is the Kustom Kulture heading? It is rapidly changing, and are any of us ready for it? At one level, it is era’s in history of a sub-kulture just following an evolution of time and age, but where is it going?

For us, it is taking us more and more to our roots. You see, this past winter while hibernating, we have been working on our plan to hit roads less traveled. We are extremely excited about some of the early festivals we are intimately involved with including, Angel City Kustom Kulture Rally & Music Fest, and Rockin’ Route 66 on historic Route 66 in Tucumcari, NM. For us, our focus continues to nostalgia, but in a way that is all inclusive for families, and friends of enthusiasts to enjoy, just as much as the true ‘motorhead’. You’ll see several changes with our pattern this season. We may or may not be at some of what was understood as a staple event for Garage71 or Grease Inc. to be at, just because of these changes in the wind. But, you know us too, just because we not be there in the aspect of promotions, doesn’t mean we are not in the crowds of people enjoying whatever show or event is going on…

We have some great major partners across the country, and value these kinds of relationships. We listen and watch everyone while traveling coast to coast. It is amazing how many stories have the same ending, but people and places seem to be the only thing that changes in them. We are all creatures of habit. Some of our habits are good, while other habits lets just say we won’t talk about. As we roll into this season, you’ll see many of these partnerships we are referencing moving ahead and creating some great exciting and memorable events, like Hellbender Harley-Davidson’s After Party for the Great American Motorcycle Show back in January. Now that was a ‘cabin fever’ party to say the least, and many we bump into on a nice day that were there are still talking about it. I mean come on, you’re at PBR at the Braves Baseball Stadium throwing down with Harley-Davidson. It was an epic night.

Well, that’s the goal this year. To continue to create epic moments throughout the year that each of us will talk about for years to come. We have some ideas and again are working with both partners as well as who we believe are influencers in the Kustom Kulture. You can clearly see this month, how much our content is evolving, and getting behind the scenes interviews during recording sessions with some great talent, like Slim and the Gems. Or, how about sitting down and talking with talented artist like Billie Jayne DeVille. Trust me when I say, this is just part of a new trend beginning as people elevate their expectations and experiences, you will see Grease Inc. right there beside you the entire time. Enjoy this issue and we will plan to see you this spring at Angel City on either two wheels or in your kustom rod. Cruise on down for one of the best line-ups ever in this Ghost Town. You can check out all the details in the program section of this issue…

Brian “Big Boy” Whitcomb…. Keep it real!
Grease Inc. Issue #121

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